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Nigeria is a nation that has many trading opportunities which every wise and forward-thinking business man or woman should utilize. With a population of 180 million people and the importation of over 85% of products, there are many businesses which investors can engage in and make huge profits.

Every year, the citizens spend more than 55 billion dollars on the importation of goods alone. With this level of dependence and expenditure on importation, manufacturers who are interested in penetrating the Nigerian markets have huge opportunity to make good sales every year. You will help the citizens to reduce the expenses on importation and also make a good turnover in your products.

Apart from being the largest number of consumers in Africa, many other resources abound in the country making her a land of opportunities for manufacturers. What it all means is that manufacturers who set up their plant in Nigeria will have access to many natural resources to aid their production and also have access to already-made market given the population and the rate of consumption in the country.

Nigeria also has a common boundary with more than six countries namely: Chad, Cameroon, Benin Republic, Gabon, Niger Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Togo. These countries also depend solely on the Nigeria market. Nigeria being the central market for the West and Central Africa makes her heaven for manufacturers.

Another impressive thing about establishing a manufacturing plant in Nigeria is that the citizens are the best when it comes to marketing and distribution. If you need marketers and distributors who will deliver impressive and peak performance, you can easily find them in the country. Any product you supply to Nigeria can be distributed to the entire West and Central Africa with no difficulties nor delay.

By combining the natural resources, the availability of market and the accessibility to productive human resources as marketers and distributors any manufacturer who sets up shop in Nigeria will achieve their aim with our services. Since we are here to assist you in any way possible to achieve your goals, you can be confident to succeed in your business in Nigeria.

When you are searching for reliable distributors who can saturate the Nigerian markets, the West and Central African markets with your products, you will need our services. It is our job to recommend to every of a client who wants to distribute their products reliable distributors who will make their dreams to come true.

We also use our bankers to ensure that we guarantee the success of any transaction between the manufacturers and the distributors we recommended to them. Our aim of going to these lengths is to make sure that the manufacturers will be assured that their products are safe and also ensure accountability from the distributors.

Our services are always available, and we are always open to discuss business with manufacturers who have the interest to do business in Nigeria. Apart from recommending distributors, we are also capable of conducting professional market research if our client requires it.

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