About Us

JAF Devine Herritage is a company that is built with the sole purpose of making Nigeria a better place regarding business opportunities and utilization of natural resources that abound in the country. The vision of the company is to support and build a strong economy and also create job opportunities for the citizens.

Our objective is to restore trust and confidence in the Nigerian business sector which has suffered setbacks in years past. We also aim at bringing the surplus resources in Nigeria to light so that more foreign investors will troop in and push the citizens forward.

Some of our activities are,

  • To give foreign companies reliable information about individuals or organizations they intend to transact together.
  • To help producers to find local buyers and supervise each transaction for transparency and accountability.
  • To help buyers find local products especially those that can be found in Nigeria.
  • To bring foreign investors and local producers together for a successful business transaction
  • To discover local products that are available in every part of Nigeria so that buyers can locate them easily.
  • To rebuild the trust which our business sector has lost as a result of inadequate or lack of information.

We have a team made up of experts from all parts of the state who are willing, ready and dedicated to getting every information you wish to have about any producer, organization, raw materials or market. We are committed to helping both our citizens and foreign investors fully utilize the natural endowments in Nigeria.

Our team of experts is always at your beck and call till you complete a successful business transaction.

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