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As we all know, Nigeria is a land of great opportunities although some of the existing opportunities need a little development to attract investors from other countries. One of the lucrative businesses opportunity which we are introducing to entrepreneurs is poultry farming in the Agricultural sector Nigeria is one of the biggest markets in the world for consumable goods and in poultry alone, Nigeria import above 1.2 million metric tonnes (MT) of frozen chicken every year to meet the demands of the citizens. Agriculture/poultry farming is almost tax-free in Nigeria, and many programmes/grants from the government exist to support farmers.

Our company can assist any investor who is interested in utilizing this great opportunity to get land for sale, lease, or partner with the owner where they can build poultry. Also, we can assist investors to obtain the required documents from the government. One important thing you must know is that the state governors are ready to support or partner with any serious investor in developing the business.

Another opportunity in the agricultural sector is to engage in the supply of agricultural products. The government is encouraging many people to support mechanized agriculture. Many have understood the importance but find it difficult to join the workforce due to lack of means to start. After brainstorming on how to fill the gap between farmers and lack of means, we concluded that it is better to start from small. The idea is for each farmer to have a hand machine that can do a level of the manual labor such as clearing, tilling and making rigs.

Any manufacturer who can manufacture small and affordable hand-use machine/tractor which local farmers can use to reduce manual labor will make it big in Nigeria. We can provide suppliers and marketers for you, and the state government will also be willing to enter into a contract with you.


This is another area of business opportunity for investors because as the citizens continue to emulate the western world, the demands for foreign clothes increases. Initially, Nigeria spends over $4billion on the importation of textiles and ready-made clothing from abroad. However, the new government policy which has reduced the importation of foreign apparels to promote local products has created a big opportunity for producers in western world designs.

Any designer who is interested can utilize this opportunity to produce bags, shoes, and clothes by establishing a cloth factory in Nigeria and also selling to neighboring countries. Don’t forget that labor will not be a problem.


88% of furniture used in Nigeria is imported. The government has placed a high importation duty on this product to discourage importation of foreign-made furniture. There is a great opportunity in this area of business because we can get wood very cheap, plastic, and foam.

Nigeria has a common boundary with Cameroon, the 3rd largest exporters of wood in the world. Foreign companies with technical know-how can easily access wood to produce panel doors, bed, and chairs. The good thing is that nearly all the products can be consumed in Nigeria because the producers are few.

We have been able to mention few among the numerous opportunities. Please feel free to contact us and request for any information concerning your area of interest

Below are the kinds of mineral resources you can find in Nigeria at a reasonable cost.

  • Crude oil
  • Natural gas
  • Coal
  • Bitumen
  • Iron ore
  • Gypsum
  • Gold
  • Talc
  • Lead Zink
  • Bentonite and Baryte
  • Gemstones
  • Kaolin
  • Rock salt, etc.

Exporters of these products accept verifiable L/C to supply the product. Apart from the products listed below Nigeria have other mineral resources, which investors are welcome to invest in. Please follow this link and see other resources. or

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