Good Opportunities for Small Business Investment in Nigeria

Investing in Nigeria could be a ladder to greatness. Also, it could serve as an Investment opportunities to grow because every business in Nigeria that is organized can grow overnight. From our research, we discovered that majority of the citizens does not have enough time to start or manage a small business because it requires time to grow. Also, it may not sustain their livelihood till the business start to yield a sustainable income.

However, investors do not need to put in much time into their Good investments in Nigeria. That is why we are on the ground to recommend experts that can grow small businesses. We had honest and experienced consultants/managers that can grow the business from the start till it can stand strong. Some of these consultants can work on a salary basis, some can work on a percentage basis, while some will like to be shareholders.

With such arrangements, an investor only needs to sit down and evaluate the work, to make sure it satisfies their expectations.

Laundry services
To provide a quality service, quality equipment must be there. In Nigeria, especially in laundry services and car repairs business, lack of equipment has been a problem to those operating in the industry. While some rich entrepreneurs regard it as a small business, those who are interested in the opportunity lack the capital to purchase good equipment.
Any investor who ventures into providing laundry services in Nigeria would have at least three hundred thousand clients every month. Such High return investments in Nigeria can take five thousand people off the street, and can also generate above three hundred thousand dollars on interest every month.

Car repairs
Car repair is another good opportunity since Nigeria is one of the countries in the world that uses cars even the most expensive ones.
Car repair workshops offering quality repairs are very few in Nigeria. Investing in it can open doors for selling spare parts or selling new cars.
The profit is obvious, and of course, it would take many citizens off the street.

Natural Fruit Juice.
Processing natural fruit for fruit juice is another good business idea. Nigeria has a warm climate, and the importance of natural food/juice to the citizens especially under the scorching sun makes the business a great opportunity. If any Investor can invest in this area of business by creating a kiosk in strategic locations for natural fruit juice, it would compete with other bottled drink companies. According to our survey, such businesses can attract more than 1 million customers daily and will take more than 3000 peoples off the street. In return, the investor would generate above one Fifty thousand Dollars every day.
Another good advantage which this Small investment business opportunity has is that the fruits are available all year round.

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