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We are aware that no investor would like to go to areas where the level of insecurity is high. This has been the reason for the low influx of foreign investor into the country in years past. However, the Nigerian government has worked relentlessly to tackle the problem of insecurity in the country. As such, I would like to ensure all investors that the security problem has been tackled in all the cities where day-to-day business operations are conducted.

In fact, one of the most disturbing security issues in the country has been the activities of the insurgents known as Boko Haram. Right now, I can boldly state that their case has been addressed in the North to the extent that remaining hoodlums now exist in the forest. The security agents especially the Army has fought and defeated them successful and stopped their free reign over many states in Nigeria.

The second area of concern has been the issue of militancy in the South-South. The perpetrators of such disturbance have also been taken care of, and many of the issues which they had with the government has been resolved successfully. Right now, militants are no longer disturbing the business activities going on in the country. Investors can go about doing their businesses without fearing that they will lose their investment as a result of militants operations.

The state government is committed to providing maximum security to foreign investors and expatriates in the state. We also have a strong security agency that monitors fraudulent practices, misappropriation of funds and any other form abuse of confidence all over the country.

Such practices which have contributed greatly in discouraging many foreign investors from doing business in Nigeria are no longer existing. Our banks also work in collaboration with megabanks in Europe, America, and Asia to ensure smooth business operations. Right now, there is a total guarantee when you are doing business in Nigeria.
When it comes to banking security and business agreement to protect investors as well as their partners, Nigeria has taken positive steps to tackle any form of fraud and abuse of confidence which has ruined the economic sectors over the years. Our banking system has improved a lot and is capable of providing the necessary assistance to both local and foreign investors.

If you intend to do business in Nigeria or you are already doing one business or the other here, we have a team of legal professionals, consultants, and accountants that can manage the day-to-day activities of your business. All you have to do is to engage our services and leave the rest us. One thing we can assure you is that your investment is safe in Nigeria because the security concerns have been taken care of by the government.

We are ready, available and willing to provide every legal assistance, business assistance and manpower needs which your business needs to thrive. If you are willing to do business in Nigeria, we give you the assurance that you will achieve your goals easily and faster with us.

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