Franchise investment opportunities in Nigeria

Statistics have shown that European and Asian manufacturing companies fussed mainly Africa for the distribution of their finished products as a result of huge opportunity to distribute larger quantities of their products. Many of the European and Asian manufacturers are excelling greatly in Nigerian market due to the entire populace of above 180 million are depending on the importation of finished products. Most especially, the Asian manufacturing companies depend on Nigeria in the distribution of their products, China, India and some other countries are the major importer of finished products to Nigeria. They have actually seen Nigeria as a place to make a huge return for their investment and they have been doing every possible to maximize the opportunity despise the risk involved in trading in some part of Nigeria as a result of security challenge.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Nigeria is the biggest market in Africa for manufacturers to import their finished products to. A lot of foreign companies desire to exploit Nigeria market, but do not know how to break through to the market, while some are scared due to insecurity and some of them are afraid to partner with Nigerian companies because of the bad image that has been created by some untrustworthy fellows that have damaged the reputation of the country. Nigeria is one of the best places you can see honest people you can rely on in doing your business to achieve great success.

Having all these in mind, but there is hope for those genuinely want to exploit the Nigeria market for their advantage. JAF DIVINE HERRITAGE NIG LTD being an indigenous company decided to stand as a bridge between foreign Manufacturers and local Importers/Distributor to make thing easy for both parties, to make Nigeria market accessible for manufacturers to exploit. We are inviting manufacturers through this platform; those that wish to exploit Nigeria market to come and do business in Nigeria. We are ready to link manufacturers up with reliable importers/distributors and enter a third-party agreement with the manufacturer to guarantee trust and accountability for both parties. We also give information about the products that are allowed to Nigeria, and customs duties.


We know that there are some manufacturers that have wonderful products that can have a major breakthrough here in Nigeria/Africa market as a result of huge buyers that might be interested in those products. The issue is that you need to have a good name or well-known and built good reputation in the contemporary world because Nigeria importers/Distributors are more interested to patronize only manufacturers/Trademark with a big name. In JAF Divine Heritage Ltd, we strongly believed in the saying that “Opportunity Is The King Maker”, which simply implied that however gifted you are you if there is no room or opportunity for you to showcase it, your best will not be known to anyone.

Franchise investment opportunities in Nigeria are a very lucrative business that is thriving very high for companies or manufacturers that have a big name with good reputations. Manufacturers have really made good fortunes by giving other corporate organization or individual to buy their franchise to sell their products. As a result, we have made a decision to create franchise investment opportunities in Nigeria for manufactures through us they can sell their products with their trademark. With this agreement, the manufacturers will be in charge to deliver the products to the port of Nigeria, and we will be responsible for the Customs duties, taxes, and other logistic sales within Nigeria axis and other neighbouring countries that might be interested for the products.  Since we started, we have been doing well and our reputation has been growing rapidly.

We are opening for discussions with any manufacturers that might be interested in this regard to make an arrangement with us that is necessary. We are giving you this opportunity to showcase your products to the more populated black race in the world, Nigeria. Nigeria has been a major breakthrough place for manufacturers across Asia, and Europe for sales of their franchise investments.

As an organization, our integrity and commitment to the delivery of best outsourcing of importers or distributors are our major priority to continue building the reputation we set for ourselves. We have actually built a reputation that has earned us trust in the industry that made us stand out in our little way. We have received a lot of recommendations from a lot of companies that have used our platform. We might not be there yet, but we are aiming higher every day to best in African. You can count on us to overcome your fear in what means, we shall get you cover if is any difficulties encounter. We want you to seize this opportunity to showcase your products to Nigeria and have a full benefit expending your business to the greatest and highest populated black race in the world.








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