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Who Are We?

JAF Devine Herritage is a company registered in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The vision of the company is to support in building a strong Nigerian economy to create job and business opportunity. Our mission is to assist foreign companies and locals that wish to do business successfully in Nigeria to transact their businesses reliably.

We are the Eagle eyes that see far and wide. We can see through the dark and deep corners to give hot business ideas in Nigeria that will assure our clients of a successful business. Our job is to verify the situation on the ground and confirm the validity and legitimacy of such information. We can also direct and advice people and companies where to get the right information and products they want.

Our Business ideas in Nigeria with low capital service is free, but in situations whereby our services are contracted to represent any institution in managing or supervising a transaction, the institution will pay for it. Such representation will be guided by a paperwork agreement between JAF Divine Herritage LTD and our client stipulating such services and other terms. Also, a power of attorney which must be certified by the appropriate authority in Nigeria will also be issued by our client to enable us to represent them.

We are not liable for the outcome of any business transaction, which information was obtained from us, but we did not supervise or manage it. The user assumes full responsibility for the use of information received from us.

Nigeria is Naturally blessed as a country, with a lot of mineral resources, like crude oil, Natural gas, Coal, Bitumen,Iron ore, Gypsum, Gold, Talc, Lead Zink, Bentonit and Baryte, Gemstones, Kaolin, Rock salt etc. We can assist directing buyers to the relaible sellers, and stand in forefront as a representative till the deal is completed.

Also we have 120 hectares farm land in Delta state where we are developing irrigation banana plantation. We can assist farmer to acquire farm land, or farm products like cassava.


Nigeria is a country blessed with surplus human and natural resources which you may not find elsewhere. The citizens are hospitable, and the opportunities you can find in this country are countless. Nigeria is a place where you can operate with fewer restrictions and no stringent business regulations. The country is open to all and no matter where you are coming from; you can establish your business without issues.

There are wonderful opportunities in Nigeria in mineral and human resources. Nigeria is a country with the population of 180 million depend on 90% importation, which makes it the biggest market in Africa, and an excellent opportunity for producers. But many companies are afraid to exploit the opportunity because some people have dented the image of Nigeria.

Our job is to stand in the forefront as a representative and monitor the transaction. With JAF Devine Herritage, you can be sure of utilizing every resource which Nigeria has to offer without having to deal with disappointments. Given the population of the country and availability of resources, producers can profitably operate in Nigeria and be sure that their products will sell.

Having us on the ground in Nigeria is the best way to ensure fastest growing business in Nigeria. For foreign investors, we can be your eyes and your feet while we assist our local producers to market their products to the consumers that need them.

Assurance In Business

Our assurance in business is not only that we are local, another confidence is that we have content layers, experience consultants/managers, and our bankers are the best in the country in terms of guarantee.

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